Here come the men in Black.

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Uncategorized


So I have a lot of time lately to update ya’ll, as today I am on hafnis, which is basicly the army giving me time off to sit physical tests, I dont know the results yet.

So today is Sunday, dude and dudeetts do you know how long it has been since I slept in on a sunday. Wowwwww.  and with the rain outside and thinking of all the poor suckers outside in the rain cold, hahhaha.

So I dont know what to tell you all, I am going to ulpan on the 27th than kicking some ass to go to the mechanics course. so the hospital was intresting, I walk in there, and I swear to g-d if your looking for all the Arabs in Israel (g-d knows why on earth you would want to) go to the hospitals, not once did I hear Hebrew being spoken, untill they spoke to me of course. so I am siting there waiting for my appointment and in walks this old Druze man, and I swear to g-d I tryed so hard not to laugh, he had this mostuche that made him look like a catfish with a walking stick, and if you think Jews are bad at waiting in line, wait till you see the Arabs, dayamnnnn.

Lately I have been having real bad problems sleeping, and I dont know if it’s conected to the thing I refuse to speak about. I dont know I have been dreaming about wearing kippot and teiflin latley lol,

so cause I aint been in the army for 5 days I have nothing new to report, but wow mtv has some shit programs,

for one pimp my ride, big ron’s car, big fat black dude, they  give him a curb feller for his cadalak and 24 carrat gold rims. now “who the fuck gives a nigger from the ghetto gold rims” they will be jacked in like 5 minutes.

next Paris hiltions new bff: Who the fuck wants to be that bimbos friend, I swear like Daniel said ” retarded people are like dogs, and some dogs have an iq higher than retard people” and unfortunattly Paris hiltion you are a retard.

Life as Liz: Now this chick is hottt, I swear she is the sexiest nerd I have ever seen, wow and her whitty outlook and sarcasim is great.

if you realy knew me: guys you been talking for 5 seconds and your all ready crying, one how much money did you get and how long does that lovey dovy shit last. it’s human nature to judge others and to be mean to others.( not that you should do it, but its human nature)

Also Friday was intresting, Dinner at Yochi and Ruvin’s house like normal, but with a twist and I aint to sure if I should say as it aint my good news to tell. and next week the new Volunteers are here wow what fun thats going to be, I swear it’s first impretions man first impretions.

Latley on my base there is one girl who has been taking my intrest. Meital. but it’s so bloody hard to talk to her, as I work outside and down the bottom of the base in the garage whilest she works up and in an office. and when I do get to see her I am to bussy to talk properly, the cute thing is She understands English fine but I aint to sure if she is just not confident to use it, cause she can speak it, but I wish she would her accent is damn cute. But tomorrow I am in that office to sign papers sending me to course ulpan, and damn it I swear I am going to have a good conversation with her and force her to speak english, by refusing to speak Hebrew, throw in the odd complement and playfull teaseing etc, and see how it goes.

hopefully this course will improve my hebrew even more I think I am pretty good, I just get confused with saying certen words and cant spell in hebrew and I understand majority of everything that is said to me, and can read ok, not the best but I can understand basic texts etc. I am wanting to stay in the army, as a nagad or kitzin I realy want kitzin, and to work as a mechanic for tanks or in the nahal infintry battalions after my 3 years.


later guys



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