Hay welcome to the new spot

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

So basicly I gave up on the last blog as it kinda sucked big time. So for those of you that don’t all ready know I will give you a quick run down of most things up to today.

I was born in New Zealand and grew up there, I left when I was 18 finished school and came to serve in the Israeli army. call me crazy but at the time I was Zionistic.still am somewhat but not as much as I was.

I Enlisted on may the 4th and have now been in the army 6 months spending 3 months in the army’s Hebrew school  for soldiers. which at the time seemed like the most horrible place on earth but it relay wasn’t.

I was not given a high enough medical profile to serve in the infantry unit’s but have many friends that are there or were there.  I am a Jobnik but not a paper pusher, I serve Israel by fixing all the hummers jeeps and trucks, for the army, It is  called in the Israeli army combat support, so we are Jobniks but we carry guns and enter the battlefield in times of war and help the infantry.

I live on a kibbutz and have it sweet.


So that’s  a little about me and will continue to update this as I can.


Zane/ Arik (Oh in Israel everyone knows me as Arik because the word Zane how it is spelled in Hebrew, means something not good)


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